We are the world's best lager brewery

Our first beers were released just before Christmas 2018 and we had a few weeks to decide if we wanted to enter alongside 1000s of other amazing beers and storied breweries in the biggest beer competition in the world, the International Brewing Awards: We went for it and we packed up our beers, and whisked them over to the competition site at Burton upon Trent with a few minutes to spare on 8th February.

One month later, we were back in Burton and hearing our gunmetal and Frisby lagers named as best and second best lagers in the world in their class. We'd be lying if we said it came as a complete surprise. We say this because Colin knows what it takes to produce the best beers in the world and we built a brewery technically capable of producing the best, but all these inputs still have to come together and we are so delighted they have.

For a small business like RCB to receive such enormous validation from our peers (these awards are judged by a panel of brewers from around the world) is really bloody nice. Its lead to a lot of interest in us from both media and other brewers who want to check out the new kid on the block.

But, for us the biggest buzz we've gotten is from the band of RCB fans who have simply said 'yeah, we always knew Gunmetal was the best lager in the world'. Thanks for your support all and now our job is to turn this title into something even more tangible by getting the best lagers in the world (and indeed our ales whose day will come) out to more and more drinkers across the East Midlands, the UK and further afield. Titles and awards are nice but selling beer is what allows us to pay the bills.

And, oh yes, we have a formal dinner to attend in the Guildhall in London on1st May. Suits will be dusted off and we'll be shouting about our 'little brewery who could' to our bigger cousins at long established breweries from around the world. You see, we enjoy being the plucky newcomer. We've only just begun!

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