What to drink (after visiting Hops Country)

Happy Thursday amigos!

As the weekend approaches, we're pleased to kick-off the first instalment of "What to drink" - your chance to discover great beers straight from the horse's mouth. A horse called Colin. Colin Paige spent yestersday in Worcestershire on a hop farm well into harvest. "At the end of a long day surrounded by aromatic hops, I found myself wanting a cleansing delicate ale, not one over-powered by hopping, unsurprisingly," says Colin.

He went for a Fruh Kolsch. "Kolsch is a style originally from Cologne that I've always loved. They are light coloured beers, brewed with a top fermenting (ale yeast). There are also specific Kolsch yeasts that can ferment well at fairly low temperatures (14 – 15C) and deliver pleasant light esters reminiscent of Chardonnay. Then they are gently hopped with German noble hops to provide a delicate and mellow bitterness.

"Best served at 6-8C, Fruh Kolsch has a luscious golden colour with plenty of effervescence and a dense pillowy foam and is a comfortable session beer at 4.8 ABV. The aroma recalls black wine gums - something I strong associate with the style. The palate is creamy with just the right amount of malty sweetness and ester jostling with the bitterness which is somewhere in the low 20 IBU's*. If you are looking for a delicious well-balanced & drinkable beer brewed with real finesse, a fresh Fruh will definitely not disappoint." You're making us thirsty Colin. (*IBU's refer to International Bitterness Units - brewers' standard measure for measuring the bitterness of a given beer)

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