Welcome to Round Corner Country

Happy September 1st, friends and beer lovers!

Welcome to Round Corner, Melton Mowbray - heart of one of the UK's oldest agricultural economies, the UK’s rural food capital and soon-to-be home of Round Corner Brewing – makers of exceptionally crafted premium beers and ales inspired by our rich local gastronomic culture the eccentric and uncompromising character that makes it unique in the UK.

“Our vision twenty years in the making,” says our founder Combie Cryan of his friendship with celebrated brewmaster Colin Paige. “We’ve always talked about making beer together. The question was always when and how.”

The opportunity to have our premises at the heart of the UK’s oldest and largest town centre agriculture market was moment that we could make our vision a reality. We’re looking at a long-term presence as an intrinsic part of this magnificent market which is not coincidentally, a magnet for artisanal food start-ups. We see ourselves as part of a vibrant community of food entrepreneurs new and old and we’re thrilled to be a part of it.

“This is a serious commitment on all sides. We’re looking at a 5 million litre per year capacity so this is grown-up scale. We'll be able to serve our home market of the East Midlands and aim to fulfill a promise we've made to ourselves and to beer lovers everywhere with the emergence of an iconic East Midlands beermaker," says Combie.

So what are kinds of beer can you expect from us? Colin, a celebrated brewmaster and international beer judge, can’t wait to get started. “We talked craft before craft was a thing. Back then it was about well-made great beer that was full of flavour – more so than mainstream beers produced in a cheaper way that were designed to offend no one. There was none of this ‘Barrel-aged Raspberry Imperial Kölsch’ business,” laughs Colin. “We’re procuring world-class equipment that will allow us the flexibility to brew in a variety of styles that reflect the best of New and Old World beer traditions.”

It’s exciting times for us and things are happening fast as we secure funding and investment. Thanks for following us and stay tuned for lots of exciting beer-related news.

And by all means, get in touch and get involved – we’d love to hear from you so drop us a line at

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