Zomba 5.2% Hazy Lavender Witbier - Case of 24x 330ML


Inspired by Belgian brewing excellence.  Conceived in Melton Mowbray and Sligo and fashioned from wheat ground in one of the UK's oldest working windmills.  This beer is named after Malawi's celebrated botanical gardens and is as cosmopolitan as it is drinkable.   It is delicate yet complex.  It pours hazy with a thick pillowy foam.  It has juicy fruit aromas of Skittles and Turkish Delight, roses, orange peel and lime from the coriander seeds.  A gentle lavender addition adds to this sensuous ale.  Finally, the refined botterness of the Kiwi Wai-iti and Motueka hops make way for a sublime and refreshing tartness.    Truely the taste of summer 2021.


Melton drank us dry of this in record time in lockdown 1 in 2020.  Now available for the first time outside the shire and you are all in for a treat. 


This is a modern classic.

Zomba 5.2% Hazy Lavender Witbier - Case of 24x 330ML - White Hag Collab