We offer inspired takes on iconic beer styles by sticking to the first principles of brewing – craft, graft and the kind of finesse that can’t be faked. The result is beer that’s farm-fresh, market-brewed with no rough edges – as well-suited to a session as it is to appreciation.   


Based on our performance at the International  Brewing Awards 2019, we are regarded by many of our peers as the best lager brewery in the world, and the youngest in the awards 150 year history to win a gold medal.

Visit our Taproom at Melton Mowbray Market to try for yourself. Or to order for your pub, contact Adam Dale on 07703035201 or



Lager   4.2% ABV

Silver medal winner at the Oscars of global beer, the International Brewing Awards 2019. Pouring a pale straw colour, Frisby is a bright lager with a dense white foam. A blend of German and English malts provides a delicate sweetness with biscuit & honied malt character. Very cold fermentation and extended maturation provide a clean base to build upon with English Fuggles hops which lend a light herbal and spicy aroma and definite yet soft bitterness. 

ABV:  4.2%

Colour:  9 EBC

Bitterness:  24 IBU

OG:  1.041

FG:  1.0085



Golden Ale   4.6% ABV

Sublime fruity esters jostle with floral and fruity hop aromas. English Goldings and New Zealand Motueka hops are matched to provide delicious hot-side hopping without over-powering our house ale yeast’s character. Explore further and you may find aromas of frangipani, mandarins and wine gums leading to a sweet malt and soft bitter finish.

ABV:  4.6%

Colour:  14 EBC

Bitterness:  18 IBU

OG:  1.046

FG:  1.011


Pale Ale  4.4% ABV

A sumptuous orange hue provided by a base of the finest English barley malts builds a level of sweet malt complexity that is well balanced with English, New Zealand and US hops. Juicy hop aromas of oranges, tropical fruit and citrus orchards lead to a very pleasing bitterness and cleansing finish.

ABV:  4.4%

Colour:  22 EBC

Bitterness:  34 IBU

OG:  1.044

FG:  1.010



Black Lager  4.8% ABV

Gold medal winner at the Oscars of global beer, the International Brewing Awards 2019.  For us, its simply the World's best lager.  But, you decide.  A beautiful looking beer – dark brown in colour with deep garnet highlights and a crema-like foam. Gunmetal is clean and crisp from a long and slow ferment at 9°C with our house lager yeast.  Aromas of herbal & earthy Noble hops jostle for position with the delicate aromas of lightly roasty, toasty and smooth biscuit malt. Deliciously on the palate – there is none of the burnt malt astringency normally associated with beers of this colour.

ABV:  4.4%

Colour:  22 EBC

Bitterness:  34 IBU

OG:  1.044

FG:  1.010


Hopping Spree

West Coast IPA

6.6% ABV

Deep golden marmalade in colour and pouring bright, hop-lead aromas of stonefruit, citrus, pine and tropical dominate. Hopping Spree is well built, with multiple hot-side hop additions adding complexity and drinkability and our dry hopping regime rounding the whole beer out. The malt takes a back seat in  this beer, it’s pleasant and nuanced against the hopping, but the massive 6.6% ABV deliver the sweetness needed for a beer of this hop content.


We brew limited edition beers inspired by seasonal ingredients, flavours and food pairings – both on our own and in collaboration. It’s an opportunity to showcase the versatility of our brewery and brewers, scratch the itch to experiment, collaborate with friends and showcase the progressive spirit of modern British beer.

We release new 'single-batch' brews monthly. Some in keg, some in cask.   Expect to see highly sessionable summer ales, wheat ales and a new lager in coming months, moving on to ambers and Autumn hoppy wonderfulness from September and finally to dark richness in the winter. 
If you want to know more, you have to come down and drink the details
out of us!



Summer Ale

4.3% ABV

Drover pours pale hazy golden in colour. Juicy citrus hop aromatics on the nose from lashings of Lemondrop & Bavaria Mandarina hops used late and as dry hop. A large amount of wheat in the Grist delivers a dry and silky mouthfeel. We have kept the bitterness low to make a real thirst slaker of a beer. 



Red Ale

4.0% ABV

A deep malty base, of melanoidin and crystal malts make this beer red in colour with great buscuity and caramel overtones to which we have added lashings of UK Golding, Cascade and Motueka hops, for an a lightly floral and supremely balanced Bitter 

Bell Hotel

Summer Session Pale Ale

3.9% ABV

Bell Hotel pours pale straw with strong hop aroma from liberal use of Cascade, Mosaic, Simcoe and Jester late in the boil and dry hopped. Golden Promise Malt provides an excellent backbone for balance and at 3.9% why stop at one! 



Bright Ale

4.1% ABV

OG 1.042   /   IBU 32  /  Colour 16 EBC

Lazars pours a light Amber colour in the glass. New English hop
varieties, Godiva, Olicana & Mystic used with a heavy hand late in the boil gift luscious fruit cocktail aromas of mango, Tangerine, grapefruit and passionfruit. They go on to deliver an intense bitterness with great linger, all underpinned by a sumptuous malt sweetness from English heritage barley variety – Golden Promise, and balanced by a light honied, caramel character from crystal malt. A full flavoured session ale with an excellent finish.

*Bright Ale – best described as sitting somewhere between a pale ale and an amber ale with excellent hop bitterness above 30 IBU. This beer is fined to be bright.





New Zealand Pilsner

5.2% ABV

Mainland, the affectionate Kiwi name for the South Island of this pacific gem of a nation, pours light golden with a luscious foam, this bright Pilsner beer is brewed with the finest Pacific Jade & Nelson Sauvin hops. A long but soft bitterness is matched by a delicately delicious winey fruitiness reminiscent of gooseberries. The taste of the top of the South Island expertly balanced to leave you wanting another.